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14 Oct
3PL Company Florida
How to Choose the Best 3PL Company in Florida
Category: 3PL
It is now easier than ever for your products to reach customers in other parts of the country.  But most of those customers are going to expect your products to ship quickly—and...
31 Jul
third party logistics company
All About Third Party Logistics: The 3PL Facts You Need to Know
Category: 3PL
The modern supply chain is complex and not an easy undertaking. Where one could offer end-to-end logistics before, now there is a need for a party between. This spawned the age ...
21 May
What is 3PL? [Video]
Category: 3PL
Ever wondered the details about a 3PL business? Watch this quick video from the people at Lumi breaking it down. To learn more about Mako Freight’s 3PL service, call us to...