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Long And Short Term Warehousing

Handling Your Commercial Storage Needs With Care

At a time where packaging, warehousing and delivery can make all the difference as to whether a client is satisfied with your service and willing to purchase again, the importance of having a strong service provider like Mako can make all of the difference. 

long short term warehousing

Getting this part of the operation “right” requires an experienced and dependable team of professionals as well as the perfect warehousing facilities. Mako Freight has the answer to all your short and long-term warehouse needs.

Long And Short-Term Warehousing Under One Roof

Whether you require something simple like cross docking and short-term storage facilities for a few days or require long-term warehousing and logistics management, Mako Freight’s numerous warehouses coupled with our expert staff provide a warehousing service that will fit all of your storage needs. No matter how large or small your storage needs are, our warehousing abilities are second to none as we boast the space, equipment, and experience to provide the smooth operations that your business deserves.

Furthermore, we can provide additional services up to and including last mile logistics & 3PL consulting. With a fully tailored service that can be adapted as your commercial requirements evolve, Mako Freight makes managing this part of your business easier than you ever thought possible.

Where are we located? 

We have a large network to tap into but our main warehouse locations are in 3 cities in Ohio and Florida.

mako freight warehouse locations

Quality Facilities You Can Rely On

When looking at warehouse facilities, the storage space is just the start. At Mako Freight, we use temperature controlled environments to ensure that all products and goods are kept in great condition. Moreover, our team of dedicated specialists can provide pick and pack, forms and printing fulfillment, labeling, and inspections too.

Our inventory tracking systems and advanced monitoring also ensure that items are organized in a proficient manner, enabling Mako Freight’s specialists to handle all elements of the warehousing process in the fastest and safest manner. Items leave our warehouse facilities in great time, ensuring that you can deliver on the promises to satisfy customer needs. Let us take care of the warehousing processes, and you can focus on creating better products, branding, and customer service. Our reach across the country is incredible too.

All of our warehouses are equipped with the best security equipment and personnel, which guarantees your products and items remain safe at all times. When added to the exceptional value we provide, largely because we build the strategy around your exact requirement, you cannot go wrong with Mako Freight’s warehousing (both long and short term) services.

More Than Just A Storage Facility

At Mako Freight, we don’t simply believe in providing storage and warehouse facilities. We want to actively become a partner in your business.

Whether you’re a healthcare company, startup or government agency, we have what you need to warehouse your items. 

Ultimately, your expertise revolves around the business itself rather than the logistics of managing stock and sending them en route to the customers. Our specialized services take care of all elements in a far better way that small services or in-house ideas ever could. For the sake of your customers, time management, finances, and sanity, choosing Mark Freight is the answer to your ongoing warehouse requirements.

Find Out More Today

Whether you require short-term or long-term warehousing facilities for your business, Mako Freight offers a personalized service that is tailored specifically to your business requirements. To learn more about the possibilities or book your storage and warehousing facilities today, give us a call on 866 463 9033.

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